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Island Reflexology & Holistic Therapies in Wokingham

Namaste and a Warm Welcome to Island Reflexology & Holistic Therapies

Island Reflexology & Holistic Therapies are located in Wokingham which is easily accessible from Lower Early, Winnersh, Sandhurst, Finchampstead, Crowthorne, Ascot, Shinfield, Twyford, Bracknell and Reading I am a fully qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Masseuse, Usuireiki2 and Crystal Healer.

Island Reflexology offers Reflexology, RLD, Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage, Crystal Therapy and Indian Head Massage.

Time to Nurture You
I understand that you may not be living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy and in sync. That is why taking time out for self care with a Massage or Reflexology with is important. Stress impacts the body and the mind, your overall wellbeing.

My Promise to You
My Goal is to provide an oasis for healing, where there is time and space for you. I care about your wellbeing and will provide you with guidance, knowledge and information about your Holistic session and other complementary therapies that I feel you may benefit from.

As a Holistic Therapist, I do not claim to diagnose or cure any physical or mental health problems. Reflexology is not an alternative to medical treatments but is used as a complementary therapy that helps provide balance and self-healing within the body.

Please always check with your primary physician first. Certain health conditions, including thyroid problems, epilepsy, diabetes, foot ulcers, gout or other circulatory problems of the should not be treated with Reflexology. Holistic therapies are not a substitute for medical treatment.

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